Design Categories


Design Categories

There are four broad home design categories that need to be considered when selecting your wood windows and doors. These categories can be described as follows:


  • Characterized by minimalist lines that maximize glass and avoid heavy wood members or “frame build-up”
  • Clean unadorned lines; angles that follow roof/wall
  • “Shaker” hard shoulders (no rounded or curved profiles)
  • Direct glazed frames (non-balanced sash); a functional design that revels in asymmetry
  • Corner windows
  • Small rectangular exterior trims or “trim-less” installation
  • Modern interior detailing such as perimeter reveals with no casings, simple
    flat trim or even drywall returns


  • Characterized by traditional dimensions that celebrate the wood parts to
    their maximum
  • Balanced sash, with an emphasis on symmetry
  • Soft, distinct profiles
  • Small expanses of glass split into true divided lites
  • Large, bold exterior trims
  • Full wall depth jambs with interior stooIs and interior trim


  • Characterized by historically correct dimensions evoking a century old
  • Smaller, slimmer balanced sash with true divided lites and tails
  • Distinct multi-stepped profiles
  • Oval, round and radius designs
  • Packed mullions to house the lines and weights (this is no longer required)
  • Exterior trims with additional mouldings
  • Full wall depth jambs with interior stools and interior trim


  • A combination of any/all of the above (or your own) features regardless of
    any “typical” proportion or application
  • Hung windows built to shaker designs without the historically correct packed
  • Uniquely angled true divided lite designs
  • Bring us your fresh perspective; if it is technically possible we’ll find a way to
    build it

If you are working on a home design now, we recommend that you bring us your ideas early in the design stage so we can help you to anticipate and solve problems, and advise you on technical feasibility and design options. We are here to help and we’d love to be of service to you.