Selecting a Wood Window


Selecting a wood window

“Choices, choices, so many choices!”

Do you prefer to be balanced #1As wood is incredibly versatile there is an endless combination of design, operation and function options available to you.

First, and most importantly, we recognize that the choice of wood windows is a definitive statement of your style and taste and we are committed to fulfilling your vision. Once we know what you want to achieve, we will work with you to anticipate and resolve challenges – before they happen – as we turn your vision into reality.

Because we manufacture your windows (rather than just assembling extrusions or components to standard sizes and designs), if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for we will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind solution that will meet your specific need beautifully.

How do you want to be profiled?

All wood windows and doors have a “profile” – the meeting place between wood and glass. This profile can be rounded, contoured, angled or a “hard shoulder,” depending on whether you desire a traditional, heritage, contemporary or unique design.

Do you prefer to be balanced?

Do you prefer to be balanced #2Sash are the glazed rails and stiles that are hinged and which open and shut your windows. “Balanced sash” refers to the non-opening sections of windows that are designed to be identical to the opening sections, and are typically found on craftsman or traditional houses.

Non-balanced sash are indicative of more modern designs that favour maximum glass exposure over a “wood heavy” appearance, and revel in the asymmetric result.

Which way do you operate?

“Casement windows” (which are hinged at the side) are often the preferred choice due to their ease of operation and superior weather-proofing. Operation can be simple cam handles, roto-crank mechanisms or single levers operating multi-point locking systems. “Hung windows” slide vertically and evoke a classic Victorian look.
Door operations can be “swing,” accordion-style, lift and slide, thick or thin, glass or paneled…you have lots of attractive options.

Window Operation

How do you like to be trimmed?

How do you like to be trimmed #1We don’t just deliver bare windows and doors and leave the rest to you. Our trims are manufactured and applied in our own factory, in a controlled environment, rather than on the job site where they could be applied from a scaffold or ladder. Trims manufactured and installed to our high standards enhance the appearance of your windows and doors; aid installation, and add real value.

Are you properly covered?

Your beautiful windows and doors needl never leave our factory naked, exposed to the elements, and likely to be compromised if rained upon before protective coatings are applied. For that reason, professional factory application of high quality coating systems is an essential component of our manufacturing process. In this way we protect your investment and reduce site finishing to an absolute minimum.

Do you have a split personality?

Wood Window TrimPainted, stained or a combination of both, the coatings on your windows and doors can be customized to your specifications in endless ways…adding beauty and character as well as protection.