Douglas Fir is our primary choice for windows and doors because it is a sustainably harvested and renewable resource that is readily available locally, providing us with a short and safe supply chain.

Douglas Fir absorbs greenhouse gases during its rapid growth and permanently sequesters carbon in the finished product.

Its acknowledged superiority is complemented by a “life cycle assessment” that reassures the most environmentally sensitive clients that their desire for excellence need not compromise their commitment to the environment.

In fact, most of our wood is sourced from local BC forests, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint. From the forest to our factory floor, we strive to make each step of our process as environmentally sensitive as possible – from the recycling of our sawdust, used by local farmers, to the environmentally sensitive paints and stains used on our windows.

  • Wood is a renewable resource sustainably harvested and reforested
  • It absorbs greenhouse gases during its rapid growth
  • It permanently sequesters carbon in the finished product
  • A life cycle assessment shows that wood has a minimal ecological footprint
  • Wood has a short, safe supply chain; with no mining, drilling, or fracking
  • There is no oil refining/petro-chemicals (vinyl & fiberglass) or mining/energy intensive smelting (aluminum)
  • Using wood involves a low impact manufacturing process, with energy efficient production
  • There are no toxic by-products
  • And…100% of our manufacturing waste is recycled
  • Wood is your environmentally sensitive choice