The Beauty of Wood



The Beauty of Wood

In our modern world with its bewildering array of man-made substitutes, wood is the only material that transcends utility and transforms a product from merely functional to beautiful. No matter how hard others try to make their vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass products look like wood, they are never able to equal its elegance; even a casual observer instinctively knows when they are looking at “the real thing.”
Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or your own unique design, wood windows and doors will enhance its high quality, and its look and ‘feel.’ Wood is favored by architects because of its
incomparable design and finishing flexibility, and will add significant value to your home, thanks to its timeless beauty and warmth. Windows and doors are arguably the most critical component in the exterior design, visual impact, and desirability of your home. Choosing wood will set you apart.

Coastal Douglas Fir is our primary choice

Most of our products are made with Douglas fir, our primary choice because it is a sustainable and renewable resource that is locally harvested. Douglas fir is considered the ideal material for windows and doors due to its stiffness; strength to weight ratio; natural pitch preservative; straight grain, and its ability to accept both paint and stain protective coatings.

Other species are available to suit your specific need

Chris GlazingIf fir, for all its attributes, doesn’t fulfill your particular vision we can readily provide whatever species, or split species, that best suits your needs. In particular, front entry systems fashioned in a manner that differentiates and draws attention can be visually stunning in mahogany, cherry, black walnut, oak, teak, or any other species that you choose.

The lasting choice

Beautiful, sustainable, durable and infinitely variable in style and function, wood has been used in the construction of homes for thousands of years, and has proven its durability in countless ways. Our wood windows and doors are painted or stained in our own factory to ensure complete protection – using today’s lower-maintenance and environmentally sensitive coating technologies. There is no reason why your wood windows and doors will not last for generations to come. Why not build a family heirloom.

The added value choice

The Added Value Choice #2At Mountainview, we manufacture our own windows and doors locally, adding exponential value to the raw lumber we use. This helps to sustain our economy by providing quality employment; encouraging skills development, and supporting the many service industries that supply us. We are an integral part of the community and we are proud to contribute to the local economy.

The custom choice

Whether your design is traditional, craftsman, West Coast contemporary or your own unique vision, Mountainview custom wood windows and doors are an ideal solution. Wood windows and doors enhance the architectural landscape and add significant value to every home, thanks to their timeless beauty – and their ability to accommodate any custom design scheme you can imagine.