Why Mountainview


Why Mountainview


Different by design

At Mountainview we take pride in our efforts to help realize your artistic vision, and add value throughout the design and construction process. We’re truly humbled (and thrilled) when our clients tell us that their windows and doors are “a work of art.” This is what we live for. Starting with a review of your preliminary design, or your architectural plans, we work closely with you and your other project partners in nurturing the evolution of your project from concept to reality. Our collaborative approach ensures that the transformation from pencil and paper into CAD, and then into wood and glass, will be as seamless as possible.

From pencil and paper to wood and glass

An initial discussion establishes your requirements and preferences, and identifies which of our many options are most suitable. At this critical early stage our architect and builder clients look to us for advice in anticipating and solving problems, and suggesting alternatives that preserve the vision, but save time, money and heartache. Custom tooling can always be developed to fulfill your most creative ideas and wishes. We can serve you best by consulting with you as early in the process as possible, and acting as your true project partner all the way through

We’re meticulous in preparing your project for production

As we prepare your project for production each window and door is designated its own number. This detailed approach helps in the ensuing dialogue to ensure there is no miscommunication between customer, architect, contractor, designer and factory. Upon satisfactory completion of the design and specification process, and confirmation of site dimensions, each window and door is drawn to scale in elevation, cross-section and plan view. Each drawing is accompanied with written details confirming hardware, finishes, glazing, coatings and custom requirements. Then, after each drawing is individually approved it is sent to manufacturing. Every step is designed to reduce the possibility of error, and ensure your windows and doors arrive in perfect order.

Windows and doors that last for generations to come

The lasting choice #2Every Mountainview window and door is custom built to your order, using highest quality solid woods (no “finger joint” woods are used, ever). And each frame, sash and door is carefully assembled using traditional, proven joinery. We ensure that no compromises are made in the quality of all the constituent parts as we sincerely believe there is no reason your windows and doors should not last 100 years and more. In fact, the world’s oldest inhabited wood home – located in the village of Schwyz in central Switzerland – was built in 1287, more than 700 years ago, and is still in excellent condition.

Windows and doors built in controlled factory conditions

Your windows and doors are crafted in a controlled factory environment that provides optimum results and quality control. As many related parts as possible – such as exterior trim (loose or applied), aprons, interior stool etc. – are installed here, so that site work is reduced to a minimum. Assembled and loose parts move into our spray booth where coatings are applied to all surfaces to both protect and beautify. An extensive finishing process, using quality paint and stain; sanding between coats, and filling of fastener holes, assures that your windows and doors are encapsulated in protective coatings, and are adequately protected from the elements during shipping and installation.

Custom paints, stains and combinations

Painted units are primed and receive the first top coat in the custom colour of your choice. Stained units receive an initial custom blended, pigmented tone followed by two translucent clear coats. Split finishes with separate colours for the interior, exterior or even the sash/doors, frames, trim etc., can be readily accommodated. At Mountainview, “custom” really means custom!

Rigorous quality control

Next, the hardware and weather-strip are added and the glazing is carefully installed using both wet and dry techniques to doubly ensure that there are no leaks to mar the enjoyment of the finished
product. Finally the glass is cleaned and each unit must pass a rigorous quality inspection before being deemed ready for delivery.

After delivery, our bumper to bumper warranty

We are proud of our no-nonsense bumper to bumper warranty, and you can rest assured that we will be there to provide support and assistance no matter what issues may arise, regardless of their
cause. Quality of both product and service are “everything” to us, and our reputation for reliability keeps our clients coming back. Now we welcome you to join the fold. Bring us your ideas and plans and discover for yourself how we “turn pen and paper into wood and glass.