Wood Finishes


Wood Finishes

Our finishing department is renowned for exceptional quality, whether your project calls for paint, stain or both. Choosing wood opens your project to an infinite range of personalized finishing touches that are not possible with other materials like vinyl and aluminum. A key element of ensuring your wood windows and doors last for generations is the professional factory application of premium quality paints and stains in a controlled environment. Here at Mountainview all surfaces are coated prior to final assembly and glazing so that no component is left exposed to the weather at delivery.

With 21st Century paints “flaking is a thing of the past!”

AlderThe paint we use is environmentally friendly and long lasting latex-based Sherwin-Williams Duration. We have been using this product for more than ten years and the results have been nothing short of sensational. These ultra modern latex paints remain flexible throughout the seasons and don’t exhibit any of the old problems associated with aged oil/alkyd paints, such as cracking, peeling and blistering. Incorporating latex in this paint allows the coating to flex and breathe alongside the wood – meaning that the days of paint flaking are over. When it comes to maintenance, premium latex paints continue to show exceptional performance, even in some of the most trying conditions.

Stains – as much art as science!

Black WalnutUnlike paint the application of stain is as much art as science, demanding high skill and an experienced eye. Stain technology is undergoing rapid change as jurisdictions move to prevent the use of oil/alkyd based products, with their excessive VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). We use the eco-friendly Sansin range of waterborne stains, a product that meets our high standards for performance and appearance. While it is true that no stain can be as low maintenance as paint, stain enhances the appearance of wood and shows its grain in all its true glory.

While stained products need more TLC than their paint equivalents, the visual appearance of stained windows and doors offers a richness and warmth that cannot be found in any other product.

Combining paint and stain

MahoganyOne of our most popular approaches to coating is to combine the best of both worlds and have both paint and stain together.

A paint exterior and stained interior allows you to combine the durability and lower maintenance of paint on the outside while enjoying the natural beauty and warmth of a stained finish on the inside. Or you can reverse this and wow people from the outside with stain – while coordinating the interior with your chosen colour scheme. The possibilities are literally limited only by your imagination!